Leason 3

Use the past progressive to complete the sentences.
1. They were playing cards. (play)
2. I was sweeping the floor. (sweep)
3. Sam was reading the newspaper. (read)
4. A lot of children were waiting at the station. (wait)
5. Mum was working in her office. (work)
6. He was walking to school. (walk)
7. When they looked at her, she was smiling. (smile)
8. We were playing outside when it started to rain. (play)
9. The boys were watching their favourite TV series. (watch)
10. I was working yesterday afternoon. (work)
11. Tim and Maggie were sitting in the sun. (sit)
12. were you swimming in the sea? (you swim)
13. They were decorating their house. (decorate)
14. Nora was handing out leaflets. (hand out)
15. Was he relaxing on the beach? (he relax)

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