Leason 4

Complete the sentences with the past simple or progressive.
1. When I was walking to school, I saw John. (walk/see)
2. When I was helping in the kitchen, Mary came. (help/come)
3. While she was cooking the soup, the children were playing. (cook/play)
4. While they were playing cards, the baby was sleeping. (play/sleep)
5. When I was working in the garden, my uncle called. (work/call)
6. Carol was watching TV while Bob and Peter were playing football. (watch/play)
7. When she was washing her hair, the baby began to cry. (wash/begin)
8. A strong wind was blowing when the plane landed. (blow/land)
9. When she was playing tennis, it began to rain. (play/began)
10. When I was watching TV, the lights went out. (watch/go)
11. While he was playing the piano, she was listening to him. (play/listen)
12. While she was tidying up her room, he was washing his car. (tidy/wash)
13. The boys were helping in the garden while she was watering the flowers. (help/water)
14. He met Mary when he was walking through the park. (meet/walk)
15. We were playing computer games while she was reading a book. (play/read)

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